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This blog has been created on 14 April 2012 as ‘Blog of Zoltán Massay-Kosubek’, so 14 April is considered as the ‘birthday’ of this blog.

After several months, the blog has been moved under the current ‘Blogactiv’ scheme as ‘EU Hemicycle: updates on EU news, opinion on EU affairs’.

All previous posts published on ‘Blog of Zoltán Massay-Kosubek’ have been saved on this actual blog, as well.

However, the earlier posts (1-50.) are still available on the previous website with direct hyperlinks, as follows:

50. The true Legacy of the EU Nobel Peace Price: the EU Shall never Force Democracy

49. Only a Massive Increase of the Budget of the ERASMUS Programme Could be a Real European Answer to the Crisis

48. Alternative Press Release about the 2014-2020 EU Budget Talks

47. In Time of Crisis, We Want Cuts on the Right Places: Let’s Have 50% Femal Quotas in the Public Sector, Right Now!

46. The Water Shortage as a Danger is not the Privilege of the Third World but the Cruel Reality in the EU

45. Will Dalligate Mean a Delayed Tobacco Products Directive? Don’t Let it Happen!

44. Nuthsell analysis through a timeline of the Dalli-gate based on a video interview with the Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy

43. What is the relevance of a break-in into the offices of 3 public health NGOs from a European perspective?

42. The power of me: 8 key messages from a European Blogger to the Blog Action Day (October 15, 2012)

41. Why not Base the United States of Europe on the EU-Turkey Reconciliation? Vision of an Amoeba EU Integration.

40. 2012 is the European Year of… Do you Really Know the Answer?

39. Risk factors of the EU and my advice to overcome them: Do not speak too much about the EU Integration. Just do it!

38. Dictated Media Freedom? No Open Press Conference on the 15th EU-China Summit

37. Why Barroso III Would Harm Europe?

36. Unprecedented International Legal Mistake from an EU Member State: Hungary Delivered the Axe Murderer to Azerbaijan : c’est plus qu’un crime, c’est une faute

35. Denmark’s ban on phthalates (dangerous chemicals): a wrong step to the right direction?

34. The Cyprus Presidency meets the European Bloggers: 10 key-messages of the Brussels Bubble’s Blogoshpere

33. Hungary’s place in the sun of the EU – What does the international media think about Hungary? And You?

32. My vote on LinkedIn for the most relevant issue passed through Parliament the first half of 2012 – and the explanation of my vote

31. The Often Forgotten Health Dimension of Biocides on the Occasion of the Publication of the New Biocide Regulation 528/2012/EU on the 27th June 2012 in the Official Journal

30. Why can I strongly recommend the inauguration/maintenance of ‘fat’ or ‘sin’ taxes? A perfect example for a rare Win-Win situation

29. Gondolataim a hálapénz-rendszerről a magyar egészségügyben

28. Mini Public Health Day – Second Part (2/2): Mental well-being under economic turmoil: suicides rates are just the top of the iceberg

27.Mini Public Health Day – First Part (1/2): ‘EMERGING AND RE-EMERGING INFECTIOUS DISEASES’ impressions from the STOA-AVIESAN workshop

26. Roars of the EU-lion on the G20 Summit

25. Conference on Social Innovation (Brussels, 13th June 2012) Un jour tout le monde sera aidant. Szociális ágazati innováció és a független életvitel lehetőségei

24. 3 Selected Main Political Challenges Europe is facing in 2012

23. Restructuring Health Systems: How to Promote Health in time of Austerity

22. Social Security Systems and the Financial Crisis

21. The EU Health Strategy (2008-2013) reviewed by MEPs, the Commission and the Civil Society in order to make some useful remarks to the new Health Strategy (2014-2020)

20. The Tymosenko Case and the European-Ukrainian Relations in the Light of the 2012 European Football Championship

19. The Final ‘Extraordinary’ Summit (the 24th /22th/18th since 2008) to Discuss Principles Intending to Achieve Growth and to Overcome the Deep Crisis. Is Greece on the Dinner Menu?

18. Last But Not Least: Strategy for Strengthening the Rights of Vulnerable Consumers and the Democratic Function of the EP

17. Thought Starter about the Role of the REACH Regulation(EC/1907/2006) as regards Chemicals and Dangerous Substances

16. Improving Patient Outcomes through Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) – Lessons Learned after the Policy Debate in the EP on 16/05/2012

15. European Youth Capital – the Example of Cluj, the Treasure City, Kolozsvár, a Kincses Város, Klausenburg, die Schatzstadt

14. Die Zukunft von Europa L’avenir de l’Europe The Future of Europe

13. Legal Framework for Public Health Policies and Financial Viability of Lifelong Disease Prevention

12. Chemical Coctails and the Way Forward in the Light of the Scientific and Legal Difficulties

11. Does Europe Really Need to Speak Always in One Voice and therefore to Have a Truly Common Foreign Policy?

10. How Healthy is Our Way of Thinking about Healthcare Cost Cuts?

9. The Choice is Yours: either You Drink or… Re-think the EU’s Alcohol Strategy

8. Was it Legal/Fair to Block the Start of the Official Bailout/Safety net Negotiations between Hungary and the IMF?

7. Overview Focused on the Main Challenges for the Railway Industry Implied by the New Public Service Regulation 1370/2007/EC Based on Its Legal Analysis in a Nutshell

6. Quo vadis, Hungary? – the Policy Briefing of Viktor ORBÁN Prime Minister of Hungary

5. The EU-USA Agreement on the Use and Transfer of Passenger Name Records (PNR) to the US Department of Homeland Security

4. Thoughts on the Margin of the European Parliament’s Decision Concerning the Reports on the Negotiation of the EU-Azerbaijan and of the EU-Armenia Association Agreement

3. The Coordination of Social Security Systems in the EU – Legal Analysis

2. Thoughts on the possible future accession of Iceland to the EU

1. National Minorities and the Long Term Future of the European Integration

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