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(Kaunas, Lithuania ©source of the photo zsoolt )

This Blog entry will touch upon the following Euractive article:
Lithuania snubs Poland over minority rights

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė has turned down an invitation to a regional summit in Poland after Warsaw protested the situation of the Polish minority in the Baltic state. EurActiv Poland reports.”

This article clearly shows that the appropriate handling of national minorities is of utmost importance in Europe and the EU cannot sweep this question under the carpet anymore.

There is a very positive tendency that the collective rights of the minorities appear in different legal documents. The Charter of Fundamental EU rights contains ex. a reference to national minorities, as well.

The appropriate handling of this question may concern the long term future of the European integration since with the exception of Portugal we can hardly find a country in Europe which could be considered as ethnically homogene.

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