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Comment: the content of this early Blog entry has been created prior to the creation of this blog. I has the pleasure to take in part in an interesting debate on LinkedIn about the future EU membership of Iceland.

Since it was my very first discussion on LinkedIn I was willingly involved in, I decided to dedicate this early Blog entry to that subject and I will repeat here my short, written contribution.

Those, who are interested in, can follow the whole debate about the accession of Iceland here.

Norway has expressed several times its willingness to join the EU – and the accession was blocked always by the outcome of referendums. So it seems to me that the people will have the final word on it.
Thus, it is highly probable that in the case of Iceland, the political class may finish the negotiations and close all relevant dossiers with success but the people will decide ultimately. That is why the percent of EU-supporters of its population will be extremely important at the end of this process.

The level of euroscepticisme is quite high for the time being there.

However, it is useful to bear in mind that in the framework of the EU the states do not simply “loose” their souveregnity. By joining the EU, the states express their wishes to use their souveregnities differently. They will use their rights inside the EU Institutions and they will be provided with extra opportunities (nominating a Commissioner, having working places in EU Institutions, financial support from EU funds just to name some of them). And as everywhere in the law systems, there are always obligations in line with the rights. This is how the EU works in practice. The other Member States, even the big and older ones decided to acting within the strict legal framework of the EU. Maybe they would have had a good reason to decide so.

It is true however, that Iceland will decide upon joining the EU at the appropriate moment and not now. Therefore, there are time for considering any arguments for and against a potential EU Membership.
We may keep in mind also that Iceland is an EFTA Member so it is already benefiting from some advantages and gaining some experiences at the same time, without having the possibility to take part of the creation of those rules.

Both the EU and national politicians have responsibility in this matter.

I remain at your disposal.

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