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“Failure is often that early morning hour of darkness which precedes the dawning of the day of success.”

(on the photo: the European Parliament building in Strassbourg in April 2012 © Zoltán Massay-Kosubek)

There is an ongoing, interesting vote on LinkedIn launched by Dan Anderson, Social Media Producer at European Parliament with the following title:

“Yays, nays and maybes – plenty of important and sometimes controversial issues have passed through Parliament the first half of 2012. But which is the most important? Cast your vote and tell us why!”

1. Two pack on economic governance (your vote)
3. Stricter rules for bankers’ bonuses
4. Mobile roaming charges
5. Animal welfare strategy

A lot of items passed through the #EP the first half 2012 were significant. Which one was the most importanf from these five examples? I vote for the two pack on economic governance.

(1) The two pack on economic governance (I voted for) isn’t the ultimate answer alone. But it contains the more important message to the future: it is the grain of a potential political Union. On the other hand, the most recent problem to be solved is the economic crisis in Europe and this decision is an important part of Europe’s crisis-handling strategy.

All the other 4 items have their significance.

(2) By neglecting ACTA, the EP shew its power.

(3) Stricter rules for bankers’ bonuses wasn’t the coherent response to the European Crisis but rather a symbolic one.

(4) Reducing mobile roaming charges is an important building block in the process of building up the internal market but it cannot be regarded alone as a revolutionary decision.

(5) Animal welfare strategy clearly shows that the EU is becond the pure and dry economic policies and the Union method can be applied on other policies like the protection of animals.

Further details and another interesting data about these subjects are available on the EP’s website.

I remain at your disposal.

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