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“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”

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This nutshell summary is based on a NEW EUROPE VIDEO INTERVIEW with Commissioner John DALLI

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Basic timeline of the Dalli-gate:

February 2012 – The Commission finalised the concept of that Tobacco Product Directive (TPD)

March 2012 – dealings between the tobacco lobby and this individual
until August 2012 – DG SANCO managed 2 impact assessments on the TPD

August 2012 – Interservice consultation in the Commission stoped by the legal service “postponed for further discussions”

Early October 2012 – the interservice consultation was to be relanched and postponed again by the legal service

11 October – Commissioner John Dalli was informed about a meeting with President Barroso

15 October – Presentation of the OLAF report to President Barroso

16 October – Meeting between John Dalli and President Barroso and issueing a Commission Press release

17 October – the VIDEO interview with John Dalli

18 October 02:00-04:00 in the morning – Brake-in into the offices of 3 antitobacco NGOs (European Public Health Alliance – EPHA, European Respiratory Society – ERS, Smoke Free Partnership – SFP)

(Monday) 22 October – the planned date to relaunch again the Interservice consultation of the TPD
to be continued… ?

Strong sentences

“I have not yet as of today [Wednesday – 17 October] received this report.”
“The report stated that there is no proof at all that I was involved in any misdeeds. It was also stated that the process of the decision of the Commission was not at all jeopardised (…) and that no money passed. But they said that there are circumstancial evidences on which they conclude that I was aware what was happening. This I refuted categorically.”
“I was informed about that meeting [with President Barroso] on last Thursday [11 October].
“We finalised the concept of that directive at the end of February this year.”
“The dealings that started between the tobacco lobby and this individual were in March.”
“There will be no such directive during this Commission.”
“This directive (TPD) basically looks at making cigarettes less attractiv.”
“Now again, the fact this directive will not see the light of day, is a big gate for the tobacco industry.”


I am just wondering: why did Commissioner John Dalli have to be removed?

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