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Is Water a Human Right in the EU? Is Water Shortage a Matter of Concern in the EU? Can We Sweep this problem under the Carpet(as usual)?

Yes, yes and no.

Yes, I firmly believe that water is a human right.

Yes, there are alarming water shortages within the EU. It would be calm to think that water shortage concerns only the third world. But as a matter of fact, many European countries witness every Summer serious water shortage. It is enough to think about the Mediterranean EU Members.

Or let’s take the example of Hungary. If we look at the map we can see that the country is rich in rivers and in spas. However, even there, in a medium sized country you can identify regions (especially the Pannonian steppe – Puszta) which face serious dryness and in some places, the rich groundater ressources are contaminated.

Consequently, if a country having relatively strong water resources still has problems with water supply, you can imagine the situation in other EU Members.

Thus, the water shortage as a danger is not the privilege of the third world but the cruel reality in the EU.

Having said that, the question emerges: what can we do to stop this?

Well, there is always a way and an obligation to act.

As a matter of fact, water can be subject of EU legislation. Water as a commodity. Well, It sounds a bit strange for me since as I stated before, I consider water, as a human right. This implies that every EU citizen has a right for having water. If not, it can cause serious harms not to mention the danger of rebirth of long forgotten infectious diseases. This is what we really want?

If yes, than go ahead, consider water as a commodity and liberalise the EU market.

If not, than create a legally binding EU law which obliges the Member States to provide clean water to every citizens.

I am aware of the fact, that there is an ongoing European Citizens’ Initiative which aims that goal. As of today, there are only 39.819 signatures collected. This seems to be far from the aimed 1 million signatures.

I am wondering if the European society is strong enough to convinve of the necessity of a new EU legislation in that matter. Are they able to collect 1 million signatures?

I don’t know. But in order to have a clean conscience, I am going to sign this petition from my side RIGHT NOW!

What about your opinion?

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

I remain at your disposal.

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